Why Choose CAP Concrete Coatings

We provide safe and affordable floor coatings that last.

Why Choose Cap Concrete Coatings

CAP Concrete Coatings has teamed up with Penntek Industrial Coatings to deliver a superior concrete coatings solution that looks and feels great and is backed by a 15-year residential warranty against chipping, peeling, and delamination.  You can have peace of mind that your garage floor or outdoor space will have a functional coating that won’t just come off in a few years.

Our team of certified installation specialists will profile your concrete to maximize adhesion to the surface.  Our diamond grinding tooling are attached to HEPA filtered vacuums that collect most of the dust during the grinding process.

Next, we repair your concrete with our award-winning modified polyurea mender product that cures in 15 minutes.  This allows us to take an ugly, worn-out space with a lot of cracks and pits from damaged to decorative in just one day!

Once your floor is fully repaired, we will start to lay down our 100% solids content polyurea.  With zero-VOC, you can have the peace of mind that our floor coatings won’t be harming you or your family during or after the installation process.

We then throw in our 100% UV-protected flakes in the color of your choice!  Now the concrete is starting to take on the new look that will last for years to come!  We fully cover your floor in flakes to give a nice even look across the entire garage floor.

In about an hour your concrete floor is ready for the final steps!  We carefully scrape the concrete coating to ensure an even color and texture across the floor.

Now for the finale!  Our polyaspartic topcoat is zero-VOC as well and creates a seamless, nonporous surface.

A Penntek polyurea coating system installed by CAP Concrete Coatings can give you new life to a space that might be underutilized.  Imagine creating a new home gym or entertainment space that looks great and lasts a lifetime.  Here are some of the benefits when choosing a new floor coating by CAP Concrete Coatings…

1.      1-day installation

2.      Walk on time in as little as 4-6 hours

3.      Drive on time in as little as 24 hours

4.      10x more flexible and 4x stronger than epoxy

5.      2x better adhesion to the concrete

6.      100% lifetime UV protection

7.      Will not fade (even if half is exposed to the sun and the other isn’t)

8.      Chemical resistant, such as vehicle oil and gases, can be wiped clean

9.      Slip-resistant tread

10.   Does not allow bacteria to grow

11.   Does not become brittle

12.   Backed by Penntek’s 15-year residential (5-year commercial) warranty against chipping, peeling and delamination


Why Big Box Products Are Inferior

Most concrete coatings from big box stores claim to provide an easy-to-install epoxy coating at a low cost.

What are you getting from a big box product?  After purchasing the products and tooling plus employing the help necessary to lay it down, you are in over a grand!  If properly installed for that price you have a floor that is warrantied for only 1 year and that is about all you’ll get out of it.  The reason is that epoxies harden with time and in as little as one year become brittle and start to chip and peel from the surface.  Hot tires are a big problem for an epoxy floor and will eventually lift off in the areas most driven on.  There is a better way and a better solution that is a way better bang for your buck!


If you are worried about slipping on your concrete surface, the chip that we add for color also adds texture, giving the surface a slightly raised, orange peel pattern. For added non-slip protection, we can add a clear silica to the top coat for no added charge. This will make any concrete stairs much safer for elderly parents or young children.

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High Quality

CAP Concrete Coatings is proud to offer high quality concrete floor coating services.

One Day Install

We offer one day installed floors that can be walked on in 4-6 hours and return to full service in 24 hours!

Colors Options

Choose from a variety of color options that match your indoor or outdoor décor


Our chip flooring is resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and UV damage.

Concrete Finishing and Sealing Services in the Portland Metro, SW Washington and Medford Areas


If you own a residential or commercial property in the Portland area, contact Cap Concrete Coatings to help you with your concrete finishing and sealing services project.

No matter your floor type or purpose, we can create a finish to serve each unique need. Whether you want a glass-like smooth surface for visual appeal or a textured surface for added slip-resistance and safety, we will complete the task exactly to your specifications and make sure the surface is even and uniform in appearance.

With our quality concrete mix and precise craftsmanship, our concrete finishing and sealing process provides a durable, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing surface.

No matter if it’s for your home or business, large area or small, we are confident that we have the perfect concrete finishing and sealing solution for your floor. We’re dedicated to providing a superior product that lasts, and our products are backed by lifetime warranties. When you work with CAP Concrete Coatings, your investment is protected, guaranteed.