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What's Your Color Mix?

A variety of styles and colors gives you the power to completely customize your project.

Concrete Coating Colors

Aztec Beige


    • Concrete Color Coating Domino
    • Concrete Color Coating Domino
    • Concrete Color Coating Domino
    • Concrete Color Coating Domino
    • Concrete Color Coating Domino
    • Concrete Color Coating Domino
      Concrete Coating Colors

      Garage Floor Refinishing

      A concrete garage floor is nearly always unsightly. It doesn’t take long for cracks to form as the foundation settles, or some minor earthquakes inevitably jiggle the structure. These cracks, along with oil stains and other blemishes, can make it hard for you to spend time working in your garage. Resurfacing your garage floor could change that.

      With a fresh Penntek concrete coating installed by CAP Concrete Coatings, your floor will be fully cleared of all chips, cracks, and discoloration. We carry a lot of colors and styles to make sure your floor looks exactly how you want it to. With an orange-peel texture and glossy surface, your floor will look and feel incredible.

      Affordable Durable Garage Flooring

      When choosing garage flooring, our Polyurea coating systems both look great and offer great functionality. Our floors are strong and durable, and allow a seamless, smooth appearance that adds visual appeal to your space.

      Here are the advantages of selecting Cap Concrete Coatings products for your garage flooring:

      • Customized Look: Choose from chip, quartz, and solid color systems that goes with your home’s style.

      • Safety Features: The orange-peel texture and skid-resistant surface options built into our garage flooring systems protect against slips and falls.

      • Durability: Your new flooring will be resistant to chemicals, scratches, and impact.

      • Quick Installation: Our professional certified installers can get your garage floor coating ready for use within 1 day.

      Lifetime Product Warranty

      We believe in the benefits of the products and services we provide, and we offer a lifetime product warranty with every installation. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation for your new garage floor options.

      Here’s how we can help.

      High Quality

      CAP Concrete Coatings is proud to offer high quality concrete floor coating services.

      Color Options

      Choose from a variety of color options that match your indoor or outdoor décor.

      One Day Install

      We offer one day installed floors that can be walked on in 4-6 hours and return to full service in 24 hours!


      Our chip flooring is resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and UV damage.