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5 Top Benefits of Concrete Refinishing

18 December 2019

Concrete is strong and durable, but over time it can become stained, chipped, cracked, and generally look old and dirty. Replacing concrete can be expensive and time consuming. Refinishing with concrete surface coatings is an excellent alternative to replacing concrete whether the project is for the home or in a commercial space.

Concrete floor coatings can offer benefits if the concrete is new too. Whether the project is indoors or out, old or new, professional concrete refinishing by trained experts is quick and affordable, offers a wide range of design options, and improves safety and appearance while extending the life of the concrete.

Affordable Quick Installation

Professional concrete refinishing can save time and money. Replacing concrete is a long and dusty process. It involves breaking up existing concrete, hauling it away, pouring new concrete, and waiting for it to cure. Replacing existing concrete is not necessary most of the time. Professional refinishers can mend cracks, pits, and other faults and resurface the concrete with fewer man hours and materials. Mending existing concrete and protecting it with durable concrete coatings is an affordable alternative that will leave the concrete floor, driveway, patio, or pool deck looking like new. Even if the concrete is new, surface coatings are an affordable way to protect your investment by extending the life and improving the appearance of the area.

Concrete surface coatings can usually be completed in one day, and ready for use in twenty-four hours. The best home and commercial concrete coatings are layers of specially formulated polyurea made by Penntek. This polymer is designed specifically for floor coatings to cover and cure quickly. In most cases, professional certified installers can completely cover the area with as many layers as the surface and design requires in one day, and it will be ready to walk on in a few hours. Some commercial projects will take additional time to complete if the area is large or has a complex design, but the result is worth the extra day or two.

Customize the Design

Experienced installers can customize the design of surface coatings when refinishing concrete. The design can be as simple as a solid color that matches the color scheme of the space, or as complex as a multi-colored pattern with an embedded company logo and orange-peel like texture added for a skid-resistant surface. Skilled installers can help you find the right colors, design, and texture for your space and budget.

Whatever design you chose, the trained professionals at CAP Concrete Coatings have the experience and skill to deliver intricate patterns, logos and designs, multi-colored surfaces, and different surface textures. CAP carries solid, quartz, and chip color systems that will match the style of your home or workspace. You can keep it simple or dream big, and our experienced installers will make it happen


Safety is always important whether you are at work or at home. Damaged concrete could be a tripping hazard. Even small pits can become a growing concern due to bacteria, mold or moss. Trained installers will repair damaged concrete and even out the surface to minimize hazards. Anti-slip concrete coatings can also improve safety on flooring. Garages, driveways, workshops, walkways and pool decks are often wet from spills or weather. Texture of anti-slip concrete coatings can be subtle in appearance, but make a world of difference when it comes to safety.

Concrete stairs, walkways, driveways, and pool decks can be slippery when wet or icy. Smooth concrete stairs become more slippery over time. De-icing chemicals, oil, grease, and foot traffic damage concrete surfaces over time. Slip resistant concrete coatings are a great way to improve the safety of stairs and other areas, while protecting the surface from chemical and weather damage.

Improve Curb Appeal

Your home is an investment. Whether you plan to stay in your home forever, or sell it in the near future, concrete refinishing can help protect your investment and increase the value of your home. Over time, a driveway will suffer cracking and blemishes from normal use. Tree roots or minor earthquakes can also damage your driveway and walkways. A cracked and stained driveway reduces the appeal of your home for visitors and potential buyers. A Penntek concrete coating can greatly improve the appearance of your driveway in just one day. 

Curb appeal isn’t just about your driveway. Any concrete problem areas can be fixed and protected from stains and future damage with professional concrete coating. 

Quality That Lasts

Not all concrete coatings are the same. The typical do-it-yourself options at home stores are epoxy floor coatings that will only last a couple of years even if the product is applied correctly. Our trained installers prepare the surface and use durable concrete coatings that adhere to the concrete better. The Penntek polyurea coating system is four times stronger than epoxy surface coatings. Our system is a number of products applied over the course of a day. 

The durable results are easy to maintain, 100% UV protected, and will not fade. The Penntek polyurea coating is chemical resistant, does not stain, and wipes clean easily. We’re so sure you’re going to love the results of our work and products that we offer a 15 year warranty with every installation. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.


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