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Garage Floor Refinishing

07 December 2021

Imagine going to work in the morning, and coming home to a beautifully refinished garage floor. Garage floor coatings give concrete floors a fresh new look, but the beauty is more than surface deep. Garage floor refinishing repairs damage, protects and strengthens the surface of the floor, and increases the lifespan, usability, and value for the homeowner.

A garage is more than just a place to park a car. More than 90% of American homeowners use their garage for storage. Over half of Americans use the garage as a temporary workshop for hobbies, home projects, and car maintenance for a few hours each week. People turning their passion into a home business often choose to transform the garage into a workspace with storage. A well-used garage needs a floor that can take heavy weight and frequent traffic.

Garage concrete flooring will show wear and become stained over time. The surface of an unsealed concrete garage floor is porous, and becomes stained by grease, oil, and dirt. Damage from water, salt, and chemical spills causes pitting, cracking, chipping, spalling and other issues to accumulate on concrete garage flooring. Over time, damaged concrete can have an uneven surface that could be a potential hazard. Professional garage floor refinishing corrects concrete flooring damage, and seals the surface with durable concrete coatings.

New homeowners do not need to wait for the garage floor to suffer damage before considering durable concrete surface coatings. It is normal for a garage floor to crack as it shrinks during the curing process. Additional cracking can occur as the concrete settles. With the right concrete surface coatings, new homeowners can improve the look and usability of their garage floor while protecting it from damage and stains.

Benefits of Garage Floor Refinishing

Professionally installed garage floor refinishing results in many benefits for the homeowner. 

  1. Trained installers can usually complete the process in just one day, and the homeowner may have full use of the garage in as little as 24 hours.
  2. Pits, cracks, uneven concrete, and other damage to the garage floor are repaired prior to application of concrete floor coatings.
  3. The cost of garage floor coatings is lower than replacing the concrete.
  4. Durable concrete surface coatings protect the concrete from new damage and stains.
  5. Concrete floor coatings are easy to clean and maintain.
  6. Slip resistant concrete coatings increase safety when walking or working in the garage even if the floor gets wet.
  7. Style matters. Homeowners can choose from glossy to matte finish, a wide range of colors to match home design, and even eye-catching intricate patterns.
  8. Garage floor refinishing improves the usability of the space and increases the value of the home.

Why Choose a Professional for Garage Floor Refinishing?

There are many do-it-yourself garage floor paint and epoxy floor coating kits available. It may be tempting to DIY your garage floor coating, but paying a professional installer will save you hours of work and ensure a great result. Before you watch hundreds of YouTube how-to videos, let us share with you why a professional installer is going to save you time, and ultimately money. 

Preparation is key to success. Professional installers can get the job done faster and guarantee the work for longer because they have the training, experience, equipment and preparation methods to ensure the job is done right the first time. DIY water-based epoxy garage floor kits generally require the homeowner to clean and degrease the concrete, wait for the floor to dry, chemically etch the concrete, and prepare the room by taping off the bottom of the wall. By the way, DIY epoxy floor coating kits require homeowners to buy tools and materials that are not part of the kit, but necessary to complete the process. The DIY preparation process could take days for the homeowner to complete, and the garage floor still isn’t refinished. Professional installers repair damaged concrete and prepare the floor surface using professional grade equipment. Experienced installers get the job done right in a fraction of the time, and usually have the entire job done in one day.

Not all products are equal. DIY garage floor paint can look nice, but it wears off quickly and does not repair damaged concrete. Water-based epoxy kits for DIY garage coatings vary in initial results, can be difficult to apply evenly, and must be reapplied every two years to maintain protection of the garage floor. Experienced installers save you time and money by giving you a beautiful garage floor coating the first time with lasting results. Professional industry leading solutions like the Penntek Polyurea coatings used by CAP Concrete Coatings come with a lifetime warranty.

Professional Garage Floor Refinishing by CAP Concrete Coatings

Our professional installers are ready to refinish your garage floor with Penntek Polyurea Coatings. We proudly serve the Greater Portland, Oregon region, as well as all of Clark County, Washington. Our experienced team will help you design a garage floor that will make your neighbors jealous. The Penntek Coatings we use are four times stronger than epoxy, and come with a lifetime UV protection promise. Our product will not fade or yellow over time. CAP Concrete Coatings are stain resistant, antibacterial, and easy to clean and maintain. Do you work in your garage? Ask us about our anti-slip concrete coatings. Get a free estimate today!


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