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Commercial Showroom Floor Refinishing

27 February 2020

Creating an enduring customer experience begins with a great first impression. Retail sales on every level are shifting to a service industry model that provides an experience that scores a purchase today and builds customer loyalty. If you’re in the automotive or motorsports industry, you’re providing a passport to freedom and innovation. If you’re selling shoes or jewelry, you’re giving the customer an opportunity to express who they truly are. From the moment the customer steps into the showroom, it is vital to capture their imagination and provide an experience that inspires.

Most customers visiting showrooms want to embark on a journey where the salesperson is their personal guide to discover the product and try it out. Designing your showroom floor to highlight your products is a fantastic investment in your customer experience strategy. Showroom floor refinishing in commercial spaces is a savvy business solution. 

Is Commercial Showroom Floor Refinishing the Right Choice?

Virtually any retail business that displays products in a showroom can benefit from professional installation of the highest quality floor coatings. Professionally installed custom floor refinishing enhances the look and feel of the showroom while improving the safety for customers and employees. Quick curing of professional-grade products and experienced trained technicians get the floor refinished with highest quality results that will be easy to clean and last for years even in high traffic areas. 

The list of retail showroom spaces already using professional-grade polyurea floor coatings is extensive, but here are some examples:

  • Automotive
  • Motorsports
  • RV dealer
  • Parts Supply
  • Bicycle shop
  • Furniture stores
  • Shoe store
  • Restaurant wholesale
  • Art dealer
  • Camping supply
  • Retail and department stores
  • Gift shop
  • Pet store
  • Jewelry

Questions to ask when you’re thinking about updating your showroom.

What are the uses for the floor? Showroom floors need to highlight your product and set the right atmosphere. If your product is heavy or displayed in cases that can weigh hundreds of pounds and moved seasonally, you will want a durable floor covering. Polyurea floor coatings are beautiful, tough, and easy to clean.

Will chemicals be used on or near the floor? Some products displayed in showrooms may expose the flooring to chemicals that could be difficult to remove from carpet or other types of flooring. Showroom floor refinishing uses multiple layers of protective coatings that bond to build a durable protective layer that resists almost all chemicals. Oil, paint, and other substances wipe up easily.

Do you expect heavy traffic on the showroom floor? The dream is to have heavy foot traffic for your business. Sometimes heavy traffic literally means traffic like forklifts, trucks, or RVs. Professional showroom floor refinishing installed by experienced technicians with the best coatings stand up to heavy traffic. Experienced professionals will provide floor coating options for the expected traffic, and to increase the lifespan of the flooring.

Does your showroom need to be slip resistant? Anti-slip floor coatings improve safety for your employees and customers. Slip resistant Polytek system floor coatings with a “sand” layer improve floor traction and reduce the risk of falls.

Will the floor be exposed to weather and ultraviolet light? Showroom floors sometimes take a beating from exposure to sun, weather, and changing temperatures. Polyurea floor refinishing is 100% UV resistant and will not yellow or fade over time. Polyurea floor coatings are guaranteed to last for 15 years in all types of weather and changing temperatures. Expect to see thermal shock on your floors? Trained service technicians can provide options for floor coatings that are right for your showroom.

Is there damage like spalling or pitting that needs to be repaired? The first step in the installation process for floor refinishing is to repair damage like spalling, pitting, and cracks in concrete. Professional showroom floor coatings cover unsightly repairs and create a new design that highlights your products.

What design do you want on the floor? Showroom floor refinishing is available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Choose the style that is the best fit for your showroom. Solid, chip, and quartz patterns are available. Guide your customers through the space with walkways in a highlighted color. Show off your logo or other marketing in the design of the floor.

Benefits of Showroom Floor Refinishing

Showroom floor refinishing is a quick installation that will make a big impact on your customer experience for years to come. Professional floor coatings are durable, 100% UV resistant, and easy to clean. Polyurea is a healthy choice too! Polyurea floor coatings are 100% anti-microbial so there will be no mold, mildew, or bacteria on your floor. Durable floor coatings will not stain, resist chemical and physical damage, and are guaranteed to last.  Custom showroom floor design will enhance the beauty and functionality of the space while highlighting products on display.

CAP Concrete Coatings Professional Showroom Installation

Precise craftsmanship and dedication to providing superior flooring make CAP Concrete Coatings the right professional showroom installation team for you. CAP is proud to offer Penntek system coatings for showroom floor refinishing and sealing. Our experienced certified installers provide quick installation with professional results. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you have the showroom floor of your dreams.


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