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Patio Refinishing

10 April 2020

Spring is here. Days are growing longer and warmer with fewer rain showers. It is time to get out in the yard and reclaim our outdoor spaces. Patios are the Swiss army knife of outdoor spaces offering relaxed outdoor seating, solid foundation for decorative planter boxes and barbeque grills, and occasional outdoor workspace. Backyard barbeques with family are a great way to spend warm spring and summer evenings. Unfortunately, a concrete patio covered in stains, cracks or other damage can prevent you from creating precious summertime outdoor memories. Patio damage like uneven concrete can be dangerous as well as unsightly. Get ready to enjoy entertaining outside with a newly refinished beautiful patio that is as safe and easy to clean as it is affordable.

Easy Patio Care

Cleaning a concrete patio can be a time-consuming chore, especially if it requires getting out the pressure washer and moving everything twice. Concrete patios get stained. Wine, barbeque grease, and a variety of nature’s gifts like dirt and algae stain concrete patios over time. Professionally installed patio polyurea concrete coatings are easy to clean, do not stain, and resist damage. No more worries about drink, food, or grease spills. Wipe it up with a paper towel, and the patio is clean and unstained. Dirt is no problem. A quick sweep or rinse with a garden hose, and the patio is like new again.

Moving planters and patio furniture will not harm your beautiful new patio surface. Concrete refinishing protects patios from abrasion and chemical damage. Salt and other deicers used during the winter will not damage professionally installed concrete coatings either. Polyurea concrete coatings take freeze and thaw cycles without becoming brittle. In fact, professional polyurea products installed by trained technicians are 100% UV protected so the color will not fade or yellow over time.

Patio Refinishing Improves Safety

Cracking, pitting, and spalling damage make caring for a concrete patio more difficult, and sometimes dangerous to walk on as well. Uneven concrete can be a tripping hazard. Patio refinishing installed by certified specialists utilizes a step-by-step process that repairs damaged areas of concrete, levels the surface, and prepares the concrete to bond with the professional-grade coatings. Proper preparation is the key to long lasting results. Layers of durable protective coatings bond with the concrete creating a protective layer that prevents future damage.

Patio safety is important in any weather. Durable polyurea concrete coatings are 100% UV resistant and patio surfaces are cooler for bare feet in hot summer sun. Slip resistant concrete coatings make the patio safer to walk on in any season. Color chips added by trained installers during the concrete surface coating process create an anti-slip texture much like an orange peel. Anti-slip concrete coatings help prevent falls even if the surface is wet. 

Non-slip texture can be added to any outdoor concrete areas such as stairs, walkways, and pool surrounds. Certified trained technicians add a layer of silica during the concrete surface coatings installation process for anti-slip concrete coatings. Trained professional concrete coating installers have the experience to help you provide the safest concrete spaces for your family home.

Design It Your Way

Updating your concrete patio with professionally installed polyurea concrete coatings gives you a wide range of design options to compliment your home and outdoor space. Customized design options are available to make your patio a space that enhances the look of your home. Keep it simple with a solid color, choose a mix of chip colors that enhances the space, or go upscale with a quartz finish.

  • Solid color polyurea patio coating resists weather changes without cracking or splitting, and can be installed in just one day. Choose your color. We can match virtually any color, and you can choose high gloss or matte finish.
  • Chip polyurea patio coating is popular for its non-slip properties, and wide range of colors for solid or multi-color combination options. Three layers of polyurea bond for superior durability, chemical and abrasion resistance, and UV stability.
  • Quartz polyurea patio coating is five layers of protection designed for superior adhesion and strength, thermal flexibility, and chemical resistance. Quartz coatings have light texture and are naturally slip-resistant.

Take your patio design to the next level. Experienced professional installers are able to add color changes for borders, stripes, or virtually any floor design whether you choose solid, chip or quartz patio surface coatings. 

Do you have multiple outdoor spaces with concrete? Often concrete installed at different times over the life of your home will result in spaces that feel disjointed. Tie all of your outdoor spaces together with concrete coatings that match or compliment each other. Patios, walkways, stairs, and pool surrounds will become cohesive spaces that feel intentional. In most cases, certified professional technicians can complete the work in just one day.

Enjoy Your Investment for Years to Come – Guaranteed

Protect your patio from harsh weather and foot traffic with innovative Penntek polyurea concrete coating systems installed by CAP Concrete Coatings’ certified trained experts. Our coatings provide long-lasting beautiful results that come with a 100% guarantee and 15 year warranty. 

Enjoy easy patio care and protection with CAP Concrete Coatings professionally installed concrete coatings in as little as one day. Get in touch with us today for a free no-obligation estimate!


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