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Walkways and Courtyards

16 July 2020

Walkways and Courtyards

Owning and maintaining an apartment complex or condo comes with a lot of demands for your time and attention. The last thing you likely want to focus on the concrete surfaces that act as the walkways and courtyards throughout your facility. However, because these pathways frame your buildings, they are usually the first thing that potential renters and homeowners see. They’re also used every day by residents, so they are an important component of your facility worthy of the time and energy necessary to make sure they’re maintained. CAP Concrete Coating sealcoats ensure that your walkways and courtyards are safe and durable while making your complex more attractive overall.

Improved visual appeal

Upon entering a beautiful neighborhood, one of the first things you likely notice is how the green grass abuts pristine-looking sidewalks. This isn’t an accident. Well-maintained concrete paths add vibrance to a residential area, adding charm and increasing home values. CAP Concrete Coating offers an assortment of multi-tonal sealcoats, creating a subtle look or adding bright colors to a walkway or courtyard. We can use tones in our sealants to match your complex’s existing color scheme and even incorporate a logo onto a walkway. No matter what you choose, our high-quality sealants are sure to wow anyone who walks on them.

Safety for pedestrians

When it comes to safety at your complex, the concrete entryways and walkways play an important role. Because they are traversed everyday by residents, your walkways present a potential hazard and liability. You need to feel good about these concrete paths offering the highest level of safety, and this is easily achieved by adding a sealant. The concrete sealcoats we offer at CAP Concrete Coating are textured, a quality that adds grip on wet or icy days. Our sealcoats can also be applied horizontally, which is especially advantageous in making stairs safer than traditional concrete.

Made to last

When it comes to investing in your apartment or condo complex, you of course want to choose components that will last for the decades that the building will be in service. Durability is one of our top priorities, so we make sure that all of our sealcoat material will withstand years of the elements. Our colors won’t fade in the sun and our textured coating is built to last. All of our sealcoats come with a lifetime warranty, though we know that they will last you much longer than that.

One day to apply

Managing a residence in use everyday, the amount of time it takes to install something is of logistical importance. And for all of the benefits that sealcoats add to your property, you might expect more of a disruption. But our sealcoating typically takes just one day to apply. In this short amount of time, you’ll end up with a completely different walkway experience. Through the simple upgrade of sealcoating your walkways and courtyards, you will add a game-changer to your property that improves safety and impresses tenants with its clean, sleek look for decades to come.


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