Reclaim Your Garage

12 January 2021

Whether you’re looking for a productive winter project, or you’re fed up making the trip from the car to the house through the blistering cold, now is a great time to reclaim your garage space. There are tons of ways to reclaim your garage, and how you do so is entirely dependent on what you want to make out of that space.

The first step in any home reclamation project, unfortunately, is to clean out the clutter. Your best bet is to sort through everything and figure out what you want to save and what you want to recycle, throw away or donate.

The next step will depend on what your end goal is for the garage. If you’re to completely redo your garage, and add a new floor finishing, that should be done once everything is cleaned out, of course. There are plenty of options for garage floor finishings, which we’ll go over later in this blog post.

If you’re happy with your garage floor, or have the new finishing installed, next up is bringing your design to life. One great way to maximize your garage space is to add storage. This can be done by putting in cabinets, shelves, or slat walls, which allow for some customization. You can hang skis, bikes, tools, or just shelves up by using slat walls.

Many people look to turn their garages into home gyms, and if that’s your goal, you’ll want to measure out how much space you have and see what equipment will fit where. You could also put down some rubber mats or rugs to further protect your garage floor.

Other popular options for garage space are using them as play areas for kids or home theaters. If that’s the plan, you’ll need to figure out what sort of power you need to be able to connect to. Similar to floor finishing, you can also look to add insulation, if there is none, to make the area a bit more comfortable.

Regardless of your plan for the garage, you’ll need to start by cleaning and then work your way from the ground up. So what options are available for your garage floor?

You could always just go with the concrete garage floor, but those are typically unsightly and are prone to cracks once the foundation settles. They also show things like oil stains and blemishes.

The professionals at CAP Concrete Coatings are here to ensure your floor will be fully cleared of all chips, cracks, and discoloration. Our polyurea coating systems both look great and offer great functionality. They make the floors strong, durable, and allow a seamless, smooth appearance that adds visual appeal to your garage.

CAP offers a variety of options to make sure your garage looks great, and how you want. You can pick from chip, quartz, and solid color systems for your finish. Orange-peel textures and skid-resistant surface options are built into the floor to help protect against slips and falls.

The certified installers at CAP can get your garage coating installed and ready for use in one day, and they offer a 15-year product warranty with every installation. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation for your new garage floor options.


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