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The Benefits of Commercial Building and Warehouse Floor Coating

03 March 2021


Commercial Building and Warehouse Floor Coating

 Your floor is going to take a beating. No matter if it’s a warehouse floor or the floor of your commercial space, you want a floor that’s going to stand up to constant pressure and still look great. CAP Concrete Coatings has a number of options for those looking to strengthen their flooring.

A sealcoat over these concrete paths and walkways is just the thing to add vibrance, longevity, and safety. A Penntek sealcoat applied by CAP Concrete Coatings is sure to wow anyone who walks down them. These multi-tonal surface coatings add bright new colors that won’t fade in the sun, as well as texture to help traverse the surface even on wet or icy days. This sealcoat can be applied to horizontal surfaces as well, allowing for stairs to be far safer than traditional concrete, and with a lifetime warranty, they will last much longer while looking incredible!

Youll want a strong and resilient warehouse floor, as they have to deal with heavy machinery, expensive equipment, and regular foot traffic. Youre going to need something tougher than standard-label concrete with a fresh paint job if you want your warehouse floor to survive for any length of time.

At CAP, we offer a range of warehouse flooring specifically designed by experts with years of industry knowledge. We can ensure your floor is best suited for your needs, whether looking for easy maintenance, premium-grade safety, or durability. Our options include chip, metallic, quartz, or polyurea.

Polyurea Chip Coatings is the Best Option

Chip coatings offer a decorative appearance and a light orange-peel texture, adding a nice visual touch to the floor. We also add a safe, non-slip finish to provide safety for your employees.  This surface is 4x stronger than epoxy and 10x more flexible!  That flexibility is crucial in unheated warehouse spaces as the concrete floors will expand and contract with temperature fluctuations.

Polyurea Shop Floor Coatings is Another Great Option

Our polyurea shop floor coatings offer a granite-like appearance and a sand texture, adding a nice visual touch to the floor. This solid color flooring option provides a non-slip finish to provide safety for your employees.  With two topcoats you have yourself a polyurea floor that will hold up to forklift traffic!  We can also increase the chemical resistance to your floor by adding a urethane top coat to your polyurea shop floor.  This will increase the resistance to oil and gas spills as well as a variety of other chemicals that would otherwise damage your concrete.

Penntek Polyurea Coating System

Polyurea is a much higher strength flooring option than typical epoxy, hybrid coatings or paint. Both our chip system and solid-color shop floor polyurea systems are designed with extreme adhesion and flexibility in mind. It does not allow bacteria growth nor will it become brittle over time.  Polyurea is chemical resistant to machine lubricants and gases.  By far a Polyurea floor coating is the most durable.

Epoxy Floorings

Epoxy floorings have been commonly used in commercial spaces in the past but can be an option in your warehouse flooring, as well. It can give your warehouse a professional, clean look for a while.  It is a low-cost option, yet not ideal for high traffic areas or where concrete temperatures are expected to fluctuate through the life of the epoxy coating.  However, a polyurea coating is much preferred for commercial warehouse floor coating as it adheres 2X better to concrete and is 4X stronger than an epoxy coating.

Floor Coating Options

CAP Concretes warehouse flooring options provide superior impact resistance, durability, safety, and style. They come in a large selection of traction, colors, glosses, and prices, along with a manufacturer’s 5-year commercial warranty. We also offer the right warehouse concrete floor coating for any industry.

If you need help in determining which coating system is right for your warehouse, contact CAP Concrete Coatings today for a no-obligation consultation.

Commercial Building Benefits

If you have a commercial space, CAP also offers plenty of great options for your floor coating. Not only will CAP ensure your floor looks great, but our custom commercial floor coating can also withstand high-impact traffic for even the busiest commercial settings. We offer multiple elegant and high-quality options to choose from.

Restaurant Floors

If youre a restaurant, we know youre looking for a floor coating to put up with constant foot traffic and the regular plate and utensil drops. Our flooring can sustain frequent heavy use and can improve surface traction, enhance wear resistance, and protect against stains all while looking great.

Bathroom Floors

If youre in need of new bathroom flooring, we also got that covered.  Public restrooms experience plenty of mess and foot traffic, and substandard flooring is just inviting bacteria to grow and damage your floors.  We can make sure your commercial restroom will benefit from a hygienic bathroom floor that prevents bacteria growth. Well also make sure your floor is easy to clean and maintain, while still keeping up an appealing look for your customers.

Floor Safety

As a responsible business owner, creating a safe and functional environment to protect your customers and employees starts from the ground up. For the ultimate in safety, style, and durability, theres no better choice than our commercial floor coating systems.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation: (503) 919-8088 (PDX or Vancouver) or (541)646-2237 (Medford). We are certain we can help your business find the right floor solution.


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