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Driveway Concrete Coating & Refinishing

24 June 2021

Your driveway needs to be strong. Within a matter of days, your driveway might have to deal with rain, sunshine, oil from your car and being used as a hockey rink. Driveways come in all kinds of different surfaces, but regardless of what your driveway is made of, we here at Cap Concrete Coatings can refinish your driveway to make it stronger and look better. 

Every few years, you should think about having your driveway refinished. The changing of the seasons brings all sorts of trouble to your driveway. Theres rain, frost, snow all the way through harsh sunlight. All can damage concrete surfaces, bringing cracks and chips along with them. Youve also got moss and fungus popping up, which can also damage a driveway. Every new crack is another opportunity for dirt to accumulate, which lets that moss and weeds grow, further deepening the cracks. 

Dont fear, though. At Cap Concrete, we use Penntek concrete coating to fully repair any blemishes. Not only will we resurface your driveway, well put on a protective coating that can be tinted whatever color, or combination of colors, you desire. 

Why use a concrete mender?

We use a concrete mender to bring beauty back to your driveway, but what is a concrete mender? Its a two-part polymeric repair material used to fix cracked concrete pavements and structures. Our concrete mender can make your driveway look new again, and we can even replace missing sections with our quality products.

Concrete mender is often times more cost effective than using polyurea or epoxy, both of which cost more and make less repair material than concrete mender. Other products are too thick to effectively penetrate concrete surfaces, and are so reactive they become too sticky to trowel within two minutes after mixing. 

Why use a coating on your driveway?

While many might think of concrete coatings in areas like a basement or a showroom, they make great sense out in the driveway, as well. 

A new coating on your driveway can help protect against those pesky weather elements, as well as make it resistant to stains and chemicals. That means you wont have to spend anytime cleaning oil spills or whatever else might leak out in your driveway. 

Concrete coatings are also far easier to clean when it does come time. You can simply sweep up debris off the newly smooth driveway, or rake up or blow away leaves or anything else that finds its way to your home. Coatings are also the most cost effective option, as they arent as expensive as replacing the driveway, and they last years. 

The benefits of our concrete mender and coating system

When it comes to refinishing your driveway, theres no better local option than Cap Concrete. Using our expert techniques, we will make sure to:

  • repair minor or major damage
  • give you affordable pricing options
  • get you back to using your driveway quickly thanks to quick cure times on our materials
  • repair deep impressions
  • give your driveway a uniform color
  • expertly install your new driveway coating. 

Learn more about our driveway coating and other residential floor coating solutions. Contact Cap Concrete Coatings at 503-919-8088 in the Portland Metro area or 541-646-2237 in Medford today and we will be happy to schedule a no-obligation consultation for your options.


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