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Update Your Showroom Floor

30 July 2021

As the world opens back up, you want to make a great reintroduction to the public. One way to do that is with a new, beautiful showroom floor. Showroom flooring should catch your customerseyes just like the products on display. At Cap Concrete Coating, we have a flooring solution that protects your space and enhances your customer experience. 

We offer tons of options so no matter what youre looking for in your showroom, we can find that perfect fit. You can opt for the three-dimensional look of our Metallic Flooring System, or go with the quick application of our Chip System. 


Benefits of updating your showroom floor


There are tons of reasons to make an update to the flooring in your showroom. 

We offer durable products that are resistant to chemicals, impact and abrasions. They are a great investment for your business because you can be sure they will last. 

You can expect a fast installation, with some floorings requiring as little as one day of work. Not only will you end up with a long-last floor, but we will make sure to not disrupt your showroom for very long to install it. 

Speaking of, all our certified installers go through a comprehensive training program. They know your exact needs and specifications, and how to install the new flooring quickly and properly. 

We offer numerous materials and styles, so we can match whatever look or theme youre going for in your showroom. 


Options for your showroom flooring


Floors get a lot of use. No matter where your showroom is located, whether it lets in a lot of natural light or gets tons of foot traffic, you have a lot to think about when looking for a durable floor coating. Your showroom floor has to withstand UV rays, spills, heavyweights, and foot traffic, all while maintaining a pleasant appearance. 

At Cap Concrete, we have the options and knowledge to ensure your floor can do just that. For instance, a smooth floor coating will give you a sleek look that comes with tons of solid-color flooring options. It can be also be done in a more rustic style if thats what youre looking for. A smooth coating is also the easiest to clean and maintain once its installed. We can also add some grip to the topcoat to help prevent slips. 

Our most popular option is a flake coat, which is an attractive option with various styles. That coat is a one-day installation and consists of a basecoat, flakes, and topcoat. The flake coat comes with an orange-peel safe tread texture, which can be based upon your needs. Our design consultants will go over with you just how much texture is necessary for your space. 


Cap Concrete Coatings are Showroom Floor Installation Experts


If your business is in need of a show-stopping and high-end showroom floor, contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We are certain we can help your business find the right floor solution, no matter how large or small your showroom space.

Learn more about our driveway coating and other showroom coating solutions. Contact Cap Concrete Coatings at 503-919-8088 in the Portland Metro area or 541-646-2237 in Medford today and we will be happy to schedule a no-obligation consultation for your options.


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