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Safer Workshop Floors with Concrete Coatings

30 July 2021

Your workshop floor has to put up with quite a bit. Whether your workshop is your job, or where you go to relax after getting home from work, you want it to be safe, and the best way to do that is to start from the ground up. No matter what youre working on, you know the floor is going to end up with some combination of sawdust, motor oil, wood stain and varnish, paint thinner, and mud, not to mention sweat. 

If youre someone who works a lot of cars in a workshop, youre going to spend a lot of time on that exact floor. You dont want to just be clean; you want it to be strong. At Cap Concrete Coatings, we know exactly what kind of coating works best for your workshop. 

While concrete is a great flooring material, it doesnt look great and can accrue damage over time, since concrete is a porous material. When substances spill on it, like oils and paints, they seep beneath the floors surface. 


Protection for your workshop floor


We at Cap Concrete Coatings use the Penntek Polyurea coating system to ensure your concrete workshop floor lasts as long as possible while looking incredible. The Penntek family of products are a collection of multi-layer applications of synthetic resin that protect your flooring from the elements and UV damage.

The Penntek products are far more advanced and harder to install than an epoxy-based concrete sealer, and it will do a far better job of protecting your shop floor because of that. We offer a lifetime warranty, which is a lot longer than the products you can buy in a store and apply yourself. 

With a concrete coating, you can ensure your floor is slip-proof, as well as resistant to fire, chemicals, and other impacts. A coating will cover up those pesky porous spots in the concrete, making it far easier to clean. 


Design Options


Safety isnt the only benefit of having a concrete coating installed in your workshop. We offer tons of color and style options for your coatings, so we can either brighten up a dreary-looking workshop or match whatever style that is already in place. 

We can install either a smooth or flake finish on your floor. A smooth finish will give you a sleek look and has numerous solid-color options. It can also be done in a more rustic look. It typically consists of a basecoat and a topcoat.

A flake finish is our most popular option and will give your workshop a nice, fresh look. It takes one day to install, typically, so we wont interrupt your workspace for too long. This also comes with an orange-peel, safe tread texture based on your specific needs, which our design consultants will help you figure out. This has a basecoat, flakes, and topcoat. 

Both options will make it easier to clean your workshop and make your space look great. 

If youd like to make your shop a place youre excited to show off to friends and family, give us a call today. 

Learn more about our driveway coating and other residential floor coating solutions. Contact Cap Concrete Coatings at 503-919-8088 in the Portland Metro area or 541-646-2237 in Medford today and we will be happy to schedule a no-obligation consultation for your options.


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