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Why Choose CAP Concrete Coatings For Your Floor Project

27 August 2021

Whether its at home or in your commercial space, you dont want to think about your floors. You want them to be sturdy and silent, something you can depend on but not focus on. Thats exactly what youre going to get when you hire CAP Concrete Coatings for your flooring project no matter where that floor is located. 

Here are a few reasons why thinking about your floor stops the second you hire our expert team:


When you have a concrete floor, patio, or garage youre getting something that in theory should last a long time. Theres not a type of flooring thats going to provide the combination of affordability and durability like a concrete floor. 

However, concrete floors can crack and chip easily, and the more openings you have, the more your floor is going to let liquids, dirt, and debris seep beneath the surface. One way to fight back against that is with concrete coatings for your floor, which also protect against normal wear and tear. 

man concrete coating floor

Chemical and liquid resistant

If you have a commercial space, a concrete floor coating is a must-have. No matter if youre designing a restaurant space, medical facility, or laundromat, our floor coatings have you covered. You wont have to worry about stains, as the floor will no longer have a porous surface. 

Our coatings will also prevent water from damaging the subfloor as well as mold growth, both of which would likely require subfloor repair or replacement. 

Coatings arent just for commercial spaces, though. If youve got a concrete floor in a basement prone to flooding, the coating can be an added layer of defense. If youre someone who likes to work on your car in the garage, the same defense applies against oil or any other chemicals that might spill out while hopping under the hood. 

Easy maintenance

Lets be honest: no one likes cleaning the floor. A floor coating will make it as easy as can be to clean your floor. With a coating, the floor will no longer trap bacteria, meaning all you have to do is sanitize it and thats it to keep your floor looking great. All you really need is a broom, mop, and some gentle cleaner and you can effortlessly keep your floor in pristine condition.

Improved safety

Our coating is non-slip, making it near impossible to trip onto the floor, even when the surface is wet. Its a great added safety feature for both high- and low-traffic areas. Floor coating is also resistant to impact, heat, and fire. 

In addition, these high-gloss coatings can improve the brightness of a given area considerably. The coatings can have reflective qualities that brighten even the darkest areas of your warehouse, garage, or where ever we install the coating. 


Concrete floor coatings give your residential or commercial space a professional, elegant, and smooth look. Not only that, we can find a combination that fits in where ever you need it to. We offer all sorts of colors and designs to keep your floor looking great. That combined with our coatingsdurability and safety benefits make it one of the best investments you can make when it comes to flooring. 

If you own a residential or commercial property in the Portland area, contact Cap Concrete Coatings to help you with your concrete finishing and sealing services project. 

CAP Concrete Coatings has teamed up with Penntek Industrial Coatings to deliver a superior concrete coatings solution that looks and feels great and is backed by a lifetime residential warranty against chipping, peeling, and delamination.  You can have peace of mind that your garage floor or outdoor space will have a functional coating that wont just come off in a few years. Call us today at (503)-919-8088 for a free estimate.


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