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Restroom Floors Need Concrete Coatings For Safety and Cleanliness

27 August 2021

Listen. We all know what bathrooms are used for, some of which is their intended purpose and some of which are things wed rather not think about. But they happen, especially in commercial spaces. 

Unless you hire a bathroom bouncer, theres not much you can do to keep some of that filth out of your restroom. However, you can install a concrete floor coating to help make your bathroom far easier to clean, and safer for your guests. 

At CAP Concrete, we know what your bathroom needs both aesthetically and for functionality. 

Since these are high-traffic areas, commercial restrooms must be easy to clean up and maintain. Additionally, your bathroom floor must have an appealing design to represent your business in the best light to your customers. After we resurface your concrete floor with our high-end restroom floor coating, your floor will only need routine maintenance.

Ideal bathroom floor coatings

The right bathroom floor coverings should be carefully selected to minimize maintenance and help ensure good lifecycle value. Youll want your bathroom floor coating to help 

  • Offer slip-resistance in case of any water spillage that stays on the floor until the next maintenance
  • Have the ability to gently slope to drain
  • Offer a floor-to-wall cove base option to prevent dirt build-up in corners and facilitate cleaning
  • Have high tractability when wet, yet be smooth enough to accommodate easy cleaning
  • Have the ability to withstand sanitizers, detergents, and cleaners
  • Be able to accommodate anticipated traffic levels, especially heavy foot traffic
  • Avoid grout lines for easy maneuvering of wheelchairs, baby strollers, as well as to reduce the surfaces where bacteria, viruses, and mold can grow.

Different features for different bathrooms

No matter what kind of commercial space you have, we have experience designing and installing a floor coating there. 

For facilities where food is handled, youre going to want something that can control pathogens. Your flooring must be able to withstand the grease, oils, sugar, acids, and other substances that tend to pop up on employees shoes. 

If youre looking for floor coatings for a healthcare facility, were going to suggest something to withstand severe sanitation protocols.

A manufacturing plant bathroom is going to require floor coatings that are resistant to soil, grease, or chemicals that might be deposited from workersshoes onto the floor. 

For more heavily-used bathrooms, like those at schools, stadiums, theaters, or public buildings, youre going to want something that can provide better protection from vandalism, such as seamless resinous flooring. 

Easy to maintain

Maybe the biggest positive of having a concrete floor coating installed is that its easy to maintain. A concrete floor can crack or chip easily, letting liquids, dirt, and debris seep in and potentially damage the flooring. A floor coating will defend against that. 

Also, cleaning a floor with a coating is far easier. Our nonporous coatings are 100% anti-microbial, meaning your bathroom floor will not harbor the growth of bacteria, molds, and mildew, keeping your facility clean and safe. All youll have to do is sweep, sanitize and mop the floor to keep it strong, clean, and looking great. 

Your new restroom floor will exceed OSHA standards and offer a high-end aesthetic design with unlimited decorative options to suit your business.

Learn more about our commercial bathroom flooring options. Contact Cap Concrete Coatings at 503-919-8088 in the Portland Metro area or 541-646-2237 in Medford today and we will be happy to schedule a no-obligation consultation for your options.


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