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Benefits of Concrete Coatings

28 September 2021

Concrete flooring can be boring. Its no secret. But it doesnt have to be. Hiring the experts at CAP Concrete Coatings can liven up any old stale concrete flooring, and thats not the only benefit youll get. 

Heres a look at some of the larger benefits you can get when you have a concrete coating installed on your floor:


Improved Safety


Whether youre looking at a commercial or residential space, safety is of the utmost importance. Adding a concrete coating to an outdoor area can make it safer to walk on no matter the time of year or the weather. They can also improve the safety of a work environment by creating a flooring resistant to impact, slipping, heat and fire. The high gloss epoxy coatings can also help improve brightness, which makes them a great option for darker work areas, like warehouses. 


Mold Resistant


Your new floor coating will be 100 percent nonporous, so moss and mold have nowhere to hide.  A simple wash will remove any moss or mold that appears.  Our floors are 100 percent antimicrobial as a result of this easy to clean feature. This will ensure your floors are looking great and last longer. 


Cracks Filled 


We have an award-winning crack repair system that tightly bonds to the crack walls and fills in the voids all in about 15 minutes. We carefully prepare each crack by grinding out the crack, vacuuming all the excess dust, and removing any loose pieces.  This fast-acting, durable concrete mender is then ground smooth to the rest of the floor and ready to receive your new coating all in just one day.


Slip Resistant


Decorate flakes create an orange peel texture that makes the coating slip-resistant. The texture meets and exceeds OSHA regulations. However, we also know there are areas more prone to slops, like the area around a pool, steps, or other areas that are likely to collect rain and snow. We can help with that, too. If youre particularly worried about slipping in one area, we can add extra traction to that spot to get the right protection you need without compromising the appearance. 


Guaranteed to Last


Our lifetime residential warranty is directly from the manufacturer. Typical manufacturer product warranties are good for one or two years, but we offer Pennteks lifetime residential warranty against chipping, peeling, and delamination, and a lifetime warranty for UV protection against yellowing and fading.  We expect our coatings to not only last but to look good throughout its life.


Low Maintenance


Unlike other floorings that require much elbow grease to maintain, concrete floors are easy to maintain. Just a mop and a mild cleaning agent, and your concrete floors are clean. This makes concrete coatings a great option for areas that are more likely to see dirt and spills, like a garage, a workshop, or a laundry room. 

You can also help your concrete floors stay strong for a long time in more high-use areas by getting the floors sealed and waxed every six to 12 months. 


Eco Friendly


Concrete coatings are incredibly eco-friendly. If you are concerned about your carbon footprint and hate to waste brand new stones, concrete coatings installed using existing concrete slabs are a more desirable option for you. Once a concrete coating company seals and sands it properly, it can turn the look of any modern kitchen or living room fabulous.


Countless Design Options


If youre starting from nothing or having some aging piece of your home or business updated, we can find what youre looking for. We offer a range of colors from the different sand mixes offered by Polytek, metallic surfaces, and even custom color options. Whatever youre hoping for, we can custom mix it to make sure its perfect for you and your home or business. 


Curb Appeal


Polished concrete coatings look stunning. You can add colors and designs to it to match your taste and style preference. The versatility and design options ensure your coating will fit into the style of your home or business. A concrete floor can look simple, but it doesnt have to look boring. 

With our quality concrete mix and precise craftsmanship, our concrete finishing and sealing process provides a durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing surface.

No matter if its for your home or business, large area or small, we are confident that we have the perfect concrete finishing and sealing solution for your floor. Were dedicated to providing a superior product that lasts, and our products are backed by lifetime warranties. When you work with CAP Concrete Coatings, your investment is protected, guaranteed.

Call us today at 503-919-8088 for a free estimate on concrete coatings for your next flooring project. 


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