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Non-Slip Concrete Coatings for Outdoor Stairs and Walkways

28 September 2021

Theres no good place for a fall, but the stairs must be one of the worst options if youre going to take a tumble. Stairs can be a dangerous place, especially when theyre outside stairs. 

When stairs are outside, they can accumulate rain or puddles, making them slick. Snow and ice can build up and make them even harder to get a safe grip on. Even outside of those more extreme weather events, outside stairs still can be tricky. They can collect excessive pine needles, or even just dust, and that can be enough to stop you from getting solid footing while walking on them. 

The same could be said for outdoor walkways, too. Whether youre walking to or from a deck, or just heading to your yard, you want to be safe outside of your home. Thats why having a non-slip concrete coating installed on your outdoor stairs and walkways can provide you some added peace of mind while youre at home. 

Here are some of the benefits non-slip coatings can provide to your outside stairs and walkways:


Improved Safety


The biggest and most important benefit non-slip coatings can bring to your home is improved safety. As mentioned, outside stairs and walkways are more susceptible to the effects of the weather. But its not only the weather that can be dangerous out there. Smooth concrete can be dangerous itself; frequent use can also wear down the surface and make it even less safe.

A concrete coating will add an extra layer over the smooth concrete, a layer which has an orange peel texture made with aliphatic urethane. That urethane grips surfaces like shoes and car tires better than smooth concrete, make it a safer option for your stairs and walkways. That topcoat is just one of a few layers that will be applied to your outdoor area to improve its strength, health, and safety. 

Our concrete coatings will be expertly applied, and they come with a short cure time, ensuring your stairs and walkway will be ready for use quickly. We also ensure they will be safe for years to come. 


Repair Existing Damage


Our concrete coatings wont just add to the safety of your stairs and walkways by tossing a few new layers on top of what youve got. We first go in and repair any existing damage. Before we apply materials, well sand down the existing flooring so we can add a compound to fill any holes or cracks. Well then sand down the areas where we added more compound so the whole region has an even finish. 

After all that, the finish should be even, although it probably wont be perfectly smooth. That will only help the epoxy primer adhere to the stairs better. 


Color and Texture Options


No matter what style you want us to match or what look youre going for, we can get it for you. Between the layer of epoxy primer and the urethane topcoat is a layer of sand or Polytek Evolution Chips in your desired color. This will give your coating its orange peel texture, as well as the color. 

We have a wide range of colors from the different sand mixes offered by Polytek, metallic surfaces, and even custom color options. Whatever youre hoping for, we can custom mix it to make sure its perfect for you and your home. 

In less than 24 hours, we can come out and apply the Polytek system to your stairs. We can make sure they will be walkable the same day! All our residential products carry a lifetime warranty, so you dont have to worry about freezing, sun damage, rain, snow, or whatever will hurt your investment.

If you have some unsightly or dangerous concrete stairs that need some love, trust our certified Penntek installers at CAP Concrete Coatings to make your stairs look better than when they were even first built. Along with looking fantastic, they will be significantly safer and stronger, no matter if youve got a bunch of kids, grandparents, grandkids, or pets running around your home. 

Contact us today at 503-919-8088 for a no-obligation consultation for your new outdoor stairs and/or walkway coating. 


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