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7 Areas to Use Concrete Coatings In Your Home

15 October 2021

People dont always think of concrete floors as particularly versatile, and to be honest, theyre not in their natural form. However, in just one day you can transform a boring concrete floor into a great-looking space in all sorts of different parts of your house or business. 

The way to do that is to hire CAP Concrete Coatings to come in and lay down a coating over your concrete floor. It can be done in one day and includes repairing any cracks in your concrete floor. Once the coating is set, so are you with a new fantastic-looking floor that will be safe and strong for years to come. 

As mentioned, the coating can work in all different parts of your home. Heres a look at where we can install a concrete floor coating:

  1. Garage floor: The garage is the part of the home more likely to have concrete floors, so it’s a great option for a concrete floor. What makes the garage particularly well-suited for this is we have so many varied uses for our garage. For some, it’s a place to park cars, and in that case, a concrete coating will stand up to all that wear and tear. It can handle not only the weight and strain of a vehicle driving on, but concrete coatings are stain-resistant, so no pesky oil spills will ruin its look. The same goes for any other sort of chemicals if you have a home workshop in your garage. The coating is also easy to clean since it’s not porous. That means if you do spill something while working in there, or just need to sweep up some dirt or wood shavings, it’s incredibly simple. 
  2. Basements: Like the garage, a basement has countless uses. For some, it’s home to family movie night, while for others it’s a place to let the kids run around and play. It can be a home office or even a showroom for those of you with a home business. Or, most likely, it can be a combination of things. Tossing a floor coating on there is your best action for protection in your basement, no matter what you use it for. As your house settles, cracks will develop and can lead to flooding, or poor ventilation can cause things like water damage, stains, and spalling down there. Certain coatings can also be made slip-resistant, so if you do have some kids running around your basement, it might provide so added protection.  
  3. Patios: While the patio is typically a place for relaxation, a patio can have a hard life. It has to deal with not only foot traffic and furniture, but it has to deal with the weather year-round. Harsh frosts, unseasonably hot summers, road deicers and salts, and just general age all lead to unsightly damage to your patio surface, along with chips, cracks, and stains. Our coating will eliminate all cracks and flakes, and any raised areas will be sanded down. Multiple coatings work in tandem to give you incredible concrete protection that comes with a lifetime warranty
  4. Sidewalks and walkways: Everything said for patios can also go toward sidewalks and walkways. They have to deal with the outside elements, as well. Sidewalks and walkways are probably going to see more foot traffic than your standard patio, so they can age even faster. A floor coating can protect against all of that, while also adding some safety precautions like slip resistance and added light in darker areas due to reflection. 
  5. Pool decks: A coating will do great against the harsh elements of a pool, such as foot traffic, water, and chemical spills. The coating is resistant to all spills and easy to clean, especially if you do spill something while working on the pool. Those anti-slip features are also great for pool decks.
  6. Laundry rooms: The laundry room can get dirty fast. Whether it’s detergent spilling on the floor, water dripping off wet clothes or moisture building up. A floor coating is impenetrable against all of that, all while adding visual appeal. 
  7. Driveways: Your driveway sees a lot of action. It not only has to deal with constant wear from vehicles and the weather throughout the year, it can also act as a basketball court, hockey rink, or canvas for chalk art. Needless to say, your driveway has been through it, and the longer it’s been there, the more it’s starting to show just that. Thankfully, you’ve heard of CAP Concrete. Our coating installation process will start with the repairing of any blemishes and then we’ll cover it with a protective coating that can be tinted to whatever color, or combination of colors, you’d like. 

Learn more about our floor coating solutions by contacting us today for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your options. Call us today at 503-919-8088. 


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