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9 Advantages of Concrete Floor Coating

15 October 2021

Concrete floors arent necessarily a splashy option when you think about flooring. They tend to have a rather drab look, not to mention they can crack to allow in dirt and debris. However, theres a very simple solution to sprucing up your boring concrete floor: concrete floor coatings. 

At CAP Concrete Coatings, we can come in and lay down a polyurea coating system that can give new life to a previously underused part of your home. The process kicks off by repairing your concrete with a mender product that cures in 15 minutes. Once the coating is laid, your floor will have added stability and endurance. 

There are plenty of reasons why concrete floor coatings can be a benefit to your home. Heres a look at nine of the biggest advantages we can bring to your home with a concrete floor coating:

  1. Cost-effective: Having us lay a floor coating over your concrete floor is far cost-effective than ordering new tile or vinyl, and having to pay to have your old floor removed and a new floor installed. As part of the coating installation, well also repair any cracks in your floor already, so if you were looking to pay for that, why not get that plus a great new floor coating?
  2. Quick and simple installation: Not to brag, but we know what were doing at CAP Concrete. We have experience putting in all different kinds of floor coatings in all different parts of your house. Regardless of the specifics of the job, we can ensure a one-day installation where your floor will be walkable in 4-6 hours and can be driven on in as little as 24 hours if were putting down a coating in a garage, warehouse, or driveway. 
  3. Stain-resistant: The most likely part of your home is where you have a concrete floor in the garage, which means those floors can regularly see things like oil spills from cars. Those are usually pretty unpleasant to deal with. With our coatings, you dont have to worry about spills, as our material is not porous, so it will keep oil, dirt, and liquids from being absorbed by the floor. 
  4. Easy to clean: If dirt, oil, and other liquids arent absorbed into your floor, that means cleaning can be easy as doing a little sweeping and mopping. This makes floor coatings a great option for garage floors, whether youre parking cars in there or if you use your garage as a home workshop. They also make a ton of sense for laundry rooms or if you have an entry room to your home so you can remove muddy, snowy, or wet shoes without making a troublesome mess. 
  5. Resistant to various elements: Not only will your new floor coating stand up to spills, but it will add protection against plenty else. If you have the coating in your garage, home workshop, or warehouse, its a great combatant to all sorts of chemicals, which wont be allowed to seep through into the concrete. Coatings are also heated and water-resistant, making them great options regardless of the time of year and climate where you live. 
  6. Great look: Coatings are a great way to liven up a boring concrete floor. We offer countless options for your floor coating, both in the material we use to make them and in their actual appearance of them. We have chip coatings, quartz coatings, and solid-color coatings. No matter what space were putting down the coating in, we have a look that will work for it and can make sure we help you figure out what that particular space calls for. 
  7. Added safety: Putting a coating down will make any space safer. If you have a dark garage or warehouse, adding a coating in will make it more reflecting, helping to lighten up that area. Certain coatings can also be made specifically to be slip-resistant. That will help cut down on falls where ever you want the coating placed. 
  8. Eco friendly: While the coating is technically a chemical compound, its a friendly one to the environment because it requires just a few materials to make and doesnt need to be replaced regularly. 
  9. Long-lasting: Another reason the coatings are considered eco-friendly is that they last a long time. As mentioned, they are resistant to all kinds of elements and materials, so you can be sure that this strong floor coating will stick around for a long time. The coating lasts longer than tile, carpet, and wood flooring because of its resistance to shock, water, and stains. As if that wasnt enough, our work is backed by Pennteks lifetime residential and 5-year commercial warranties against chipping, peeling, and delamination.

Call us today at 503-919-8088 for a free estimate. 


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