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Industrial Concrete Coatings for Warehouse Safety

08 December 2021

Theres nothing more important for your warehouse than safety. When you think about warehouse safety, it might not be the first place your mind jumps to, but the kind of flooring you have can play an integral role in keeping you and your employees safe.

For your warehouse, youre going to want flooring that is safe against all the risks that come with operating in a warehouse, as well as flooring that can handle all that wear and tear. At Cap Concrete Coatings, our floors are incredibly durable and can withstand everything from the impacts of heavy machinery to high foot traffic.

When heavy machinery, expensive equipment, and employees daily use your warehouse floor, you need something tougher than standard-label concrete. You need our strong and resilient floors.

Why go with concrete coatings

Our coatings look and feel great, and are backed by a lifetime year warranty against chipping, peeling, and delamination. Our process wont just lay dont a new coat on top of your floor. Well completely transform your warehouse space literally from the ground up.

We start by profiling your concrete to maximize adhesion to the surface. Then we repair your concrete with our award-winning modified polyurea mender product that cures in 15 minutes, allowing us to take an ugly, worn-out space with a lot of cracks and pits from damaged to decorative in just one day.

Then we start laying down the concrete coating. The next step depends on which type of coating you opt for. We offer solid color polyurea, which offers a higher strength than traditional epoxy, hybrid coatings, or paint. We also have can install chip coatings, which offer a granite-like appearance and a light texture to add to the visual appeal of your floor. The chip system also makes for a safe, non-slip finish that provides safety for your employees.

The benefits of coating to your warehouse

A concrete coating will seal, protect and extend the longevity of your warehouse floor. The coating will act as a seal and fend off chemicals, pollutants, and other spills from seeping into your floor and potentially doing damage. Not only will it make your warehouse safer, but it will also brighten it up instead of having just a drab, concrete floor on its own.

If youre a warehouse that deals in chemicals or liquids, you cant afford to not have a concrete coating. It will keep moisture at bay, no matter if its some sort of chemical or just a spilled pallet of soda.

The concrete coating will also be far more wear-resistant to a naked concrete floor. If youre moving around large machinery, or if your warehouse is open to the public, youll want to have a coating laid down to stop potential scuffs.

As mentioned before, concrete coatings can also make your floor slip-resistant. Thats not the only safety benefit, though. Concrete coatings will literally brighten your warehouse and reflect light to areas that were previously a bit darker, making it easier to see.

Finding the right coating

We offer a variety of coating options and will work with you to determine which is the best for your warehouse needs. We can install any of the following options in your warehouse:

  • Chip: Our chip system offers a granite-like appearance and light, orange peel-like texture, adding visual appeal and a safe, non-slip finish that’s especially important for worker safety.
  • Metallic: With rich, natural pigments, our metallic floors give off a 3D look and high-gloss sheen that also increase the lighting and reflectivity of your warehouse environment.
  • Quartz: The quartz system has five separate layers for maximum durability, with chemical and abrasion resistance factors that make it a great warehouse concrete floor coating.
  • Epoxy: Our high-performance epoxy floor coating is cost-effective, long-lasting, and especially ideal for large warehouses.
  • Polyurea: Polyurea is much stronger than traditional epoxy, hybrid coatings, or paint. Both our solid color and shop floor polyurea systems are designed for extreme adhesion and flexibility.

No matter what your warehouse deals in or how the space looks, theres a concrete coating option that will improve the safety and look of your space. If you need assistance to determine which industrial floor coating system is right for your warehouse flooring, then contact Cap Concrete Coatings today for a no-obligation consultation.

Call us today at 503-919-8088 in the SW Washington and Portland Metro and call 541-646-2237 if you are in the Medford, OR areas for a free estimate.

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