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Questions You May Have About Concrete Coatings

08 December 2021

Plenty of places at your home or your business have concrete floors, which can look unseemly and are susceptible to cracks and damage. There are things that can be done to improve the look of your concrete floors and keep them safer that will also extend their life.

One great idea to beautify your drab concrete floor is with a concrete floor coating. And there is nobody better to help you plan what to do with your floor and then quickly install the coating other than the experts at Cap Concrete Coatings.

We’ll work with you to bring your home or business a superior concrete coatings solution that looks and feels great and is backed by a lifetime residential warranty against chipping, peeling, and delamination.

But not everyone knows about concrete coatings. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Here’s a look at some of the more frequently asked questions about concrete coatings:

Why opt for a concrete coating?

There are several reasons why having us lay a concrete coating at your home or business is a great idea.It’s a cost-effective way to completely transform how your flooring looks. It’ll also make your floor easier to clean. The coating means no cracks, so dirt, leaves, spills and whatever else is just on the surface, meaning a good sweep and mop will get the job done.

That means the floor coating is stain resistant, making it a great option for warehouses, workshops, or if you’re someone who likes to tinker with your car in the garage. It’ll improve the safety of whatever room you have it put in. Certain coatings are slip-resistant, and coatings can brighten a dark space, making it easier to see.

Our coatings are also long-lasting. They all come with a lifetime residential warranty is directly from the manufacturer, so you can rest assured knowing that once your new floor coating is laid down, it’ll be there for quite some time.

Can I get a coating if my floor is damaged?

Absolutely. Before we lay down any floor coating, we go in and repair any cracks already in your floor and make sure everything is ready for the coating. We’ll also make sure to remove any dust and debris from your floor, so you have a repaired and clean floor just waiting for a new coat.

Where can I put a concrete coating?

Wherever there is concrete, we can put on a coating. They are great options for your garage since garages tend to be multi-use spaces. They’ll protect against chemical spills and leaks, if you park your cars in there, or work on cars in the garage. If you go for a hike, you can change into clean clothes in the garage, and it’ll be easy to clean up afterward.

They make for a great option on your patio to spruce up your backyard or even make it safer around the pool. The coating can stand up to the elements of every season, as well.

What type of coating is best for color retention?

Our polyurethane coatings will give your floors excellent gloss and color retention. With serious abrasion and chemical resistance, polyurethane coatings are also great for preventing scratches and other surface marks that commercial property owners may be concerned about. This makes the coatings a tremendous option for showrooms.

What’re the safety benefits of concrete coatings?

At Cap Concrete, we use the Penntek Polyurea coating system, which uses a collection of multi-layer applications of synthetic resin that protect your flooring from the elements and UV damage. The Penntek products are far more advanced and harder to install than an epoxy-based concrete sealer, and it will do a far better job of protecting your floor because of that. With a concrete coating, you can ensure your floor is slip-proof, as well as resistant to fire, chemicals, and other impacts.

What are my design options?

One of the best things about the concrete floor coatings, beyond the safety bonuses, is that we can find a look that matches whatever space we’re putting the coating down in. We offer a ton of color and style options for your coatings.

We can install either a smooth or flake finish on your floor. A smooth finish will give you a sleek look and has numerous solid-color options. It can also be done in a more rustic look. It typically consists of a basecoat and a topcoat.

A flake finish is our most popular option and will give your workshop a nice, fresh look. It takes one day to install, typically, so we won’t interrupt things for too long. This also comes with an orange-peel, safe tread texture based on your specific needs, which our design consultants will help you figure out. This has a basecoat, flakes, and topcoat.

Learn more about our floor coating solutions by contacting us today for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your options. Call us today at 503-919-8088.

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