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Commercial Garage Repair Shop Concrete Floor Coating Advantages

08 December 2021
Commercial Garage Repair Shop Concrete Floor Coating

No matter what kind of work you’re doing in your garage repair shop, there is one thing that is almost certainly true: you’ve got a concrete floor. And when you have a concrete floor, nothing is going to make your life easier than a concrete floor coating. When you want that, nobody in the greater Portland/Vancouver metro area has you covered like we do at CAP Concrete Coatings.

So what exactly makes concrete floors so great for your garage repair shop, and what about putting a concrete coating on that floor makes it even better? There are tons of benefits in putting a concrete floor coating in your shop, so let’s run through the bigger ones:


A big downside of concrete flooring is that they tend to crack and chip. While that might seem minor, those cracks and chips will allow spills, dust and debris to get into your flooring and potentially damage your shop. Without a coating, you’re going to have to either have repairs done every few years, or get an entirely new floor.

What a coating does is it extends the life of your concrete floor. Before we even put the coating down, we’ll go in and repair any chips and cracks, so once the coating is on, it’s being placed over a life-new workshop floor. The coating also means spills and dirt remain on the surface, protecting your workshop and making for a far easier cleanup.

Stain and abrasion resistant

Garage workshops get dirty. It’s unavoidable. Whether it’s motor oil, varnish, paint thinner, sawdust, wood stain or just mud, your workshop floors are going to show people what you’ve been up to that day. However, you don’t need those things hanging around once you clean up.

Just like those spills won’t seep into your floor because of the coating, the coating will also just hold them there until you sweep and mop them up. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. They won’t discolor the coating or leave any hint they were once there.

Similarly, the coating will act as a line of defense against abrasions. Our coating uses multi-layer applications of synthetic resin that protects your floor. The sum is greater than the parts in this instance. With your coating, you’ll get a hard and durable surface that is stronger than just any old concrete floor. This is why it’s a great option for workshops, where you’ll be moving around all kinds of vehicles, heavy equipment and tools. Worry about your work, and not what toll your work is taking on your workshop.

Increased safety

Our coating is also slip resistant, which will add a layer of safety to your workshop. With spaces that will get wet, it is best to add additional slip protection measures to the topcoat providing for the necessary grip. Our design consultants will discuss with you your options and our certified installers will confirm your decisions at the time of your installation.

The coatings also have reflective qualities, which will help brighten up dark spaces. This is a great option for your workshop, especially if there are some darker corners. Brighter flooring will make you and anyone else in your workshop feel safer.

Variety of options

It isn’t just about the safety and protection benefits with our concrete coatings. They also add to the appearance of your workshop. Concrete floors aren’t the most visually appealing. They tend to look drab or boring.

What a concrete coating does is give it a splash or color. Or colors. We have all different kinds of color and design options. We can work with you to figure out what look you’re going for and what option will fit best.

Environmentally friendly

Having a concrete floor coating installed will consume less power and energy to refinish your floors. They also require less maintenance, which can be done with a simple sweep and mopping from time to time. This allows you to be more efficient when consuming resources. When you clean your flooring every day, you’re contributing more waste to the environment. It’s especially true when you treat it with chemicals that can pollute the air when they evaporate.

The Penntek products are far more advanced and harder to install than a epoxy-based concrete sealer you can find at your typical hardware store, and it will do a far better job of protecting your shop floor because of that. At CAP Concrete Coatings we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty, which is a far cry from the products you can apply yourself.

If you’d like to make your shop a place you’re excited to show off to friends and family, give us a call today at (503) 919-8088 for a quote.

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