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Is your messy garage or shop floor causing you stress? Try CAP Concrete Coatings

08 December 2021
Is your messy garage or shop floor causing you stress?

Cleaning can be a mindless activity where you zone out and can relax for a bit. But it can also be the worst part of a task, especially if you’re trying to clean an area that doesn’t want to help you be clean. Your garage or workshop can one of those places. It’s not necessarily about the mess itself when it comes to cleaning, but about where the mess exists. A garage or workshop floor can be tricky to clean, especially if they have concrete floors. Concrete floors can crack easily, allowing spills, dust and debris to seep into the floor and potentially cause even more damage.

However, there is a fairly simple solution to protect both your floors and yourself, and that’s to have a concrete floor coating laid over your floor itself.

Benefits of concrete coatings

Any concrete floor will be improved by the addition of a concrete coating. There are a ton of positives they bring to whatever room you’re having then placed in.

Whether it’s a workshop or a garage, maybe the most important benefit is that they’re stain resistant. If we’re working on your garage, this will help with things like potential oil spills from any cars parked in there. If you’re placing them in a workshop, or in a garage where you have a workbench, this is also a great option to keep your floor looking great.

Concrete coatings will also make your garage or workshop floor easier to clean. The first step of our process is to fix any cracks in your floor. Then we lay the coating over your newly-repaired floor. What this is done is it creates a solid layer on top of your concrete floor, meaning things like dust, debris and spills remain on that surface. Whether you brought some mud or leaves into your garage while driving, or you were doing some woodworking, cleaning will be as simple as a thorough sweeping and mopping.

The coating will also make your garage or workshop safer. If you have a dark section of your garage or shop, adding a coating in will make it more reflecting, helping to lighten up that area. Certain coatings can also be made specifically to be slip-resistant, which will help cut down on falls. You’ll be thankful you have it when you and the kids want to get out of those soaking snow-covered clothes after an intense sledding session.

Our coatings are also a great long-lasting option. The coatings are resistant to all kinds of elements and materials, so you can be sure that this strong floor coating will stick around for a long time. They last longer than tile, carpet, and wood flooring because of their resistance to shock, water, and stains. As if that wasn’t enough, our work is backed by Penntek’s lifetime year residential and 5-year commercial warranties against chipping, peeling, and delamination.

Believe it or not, concrete coatings can also help cut down on pollution. Concrete floors can be porous, allowing materials to seep into the floor. If you have a shop or garage where you work on projects using chemicals or working with equipment that releases fumes, our floor coatings can help keep you safe. Even if you have a garage where you only park a car, air pollution from gas or oil sitting in the floor can be hazardous. Putting a coating down over the floor means nothing that spills will seep down into the floor. Making the floors easier to clean also help get rid of potential allergens collecting, which is great for those who have allergies.

If you’d like to make your garage or shop a place you’re excited to show off to friends and family, give us a call today at (503) 919-8088 for a quote.

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