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Increase your home's value with easy to clean CAP Concrete Coatings.

01 June 2023

Transform your home interior or exterior into a more modern and stylish space with the help of CAP Concrete Coatings. These easy to clean coatings can result in enhancing the value and beauty of your home.

  • Durable & Tough: CAP Concrete Coatings are superior in comparison to traditional epoxy flooring due to its strength and flexibility—shielding against everything from UV radiation to abrasions and chemicals.
  • Sleek Finish: We offer textured flakes to a clear, natural concrete-looking finish for your home interiors while ensuring durability at the same time.
  • Easy Maintenance: Want hassle-free cleaning? CAP Concrete Coatings makes it easy to keep your surfaces shiny and presentable—our surfaces are nonporous preventing penetration! And no worries if you accidentally spill on it, our high quality product has chemical resistance to most household items including oil and gas!


“CAP Concrete Coatings has been an excellent choice for my home interior design project. Not only does it add a distinguished sleekness but also ensures long-term reliability and an effortless maintenance process."
-Richard J., Satisfied Customer

Stop wondering how to enhance your home's curb appeal; choose our polyurea concrete coatings now! Enjoy a low-maintenance surface with increased longevity that will add style and sophistication – start transforming your space today! Call (855) CAP-THAT today and experience the difference!

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