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Protect your concrete surfaces in Kelso Washington

CAP Concrete Coatings is a Penntek concrete coating systems installer operating in Kelso Washington and throughout Clark County. Penntek concrete coatings offer a durable an attractive solution to old or deteriorating concrete flooring. With a range of custom colors and styles, CAP Concrete Coatings can find the perfect product to make your patio or garage look exactly how you’ve dreamed. With texture options, a once slick and dangerous floor can be made safe with orange peel texturing to grip with shoes and car tires.

A(+) wonderful experience!

5 Stars
A(+) wonderful experience! Lisa and Shelly's upgraded SPACE is truly a 👌masterpiece of our evolutionary chip system! Thank you for joining our family! 🤝 #concretecoatings #garage #homeimprovement #strongerthanepoxy #upgrade #cappride

Upgraded driftwood garage!

5 Stars
👏A round of applause for Erwin's upgraded driftwood garage! Curtis, Dylan, Kallin, and Trevor did a fascinating job! Thank you for choosing us! 😎 #garage #strongerthanepoxy #concretecoatings #upgrade #homeimprovement #cappride #dreamgarage #concrete

MT. Everest chip system? WE SAY ✔YES!

5 Stars
MT. Everest chip system? WE SAY ✔YES! Kelsey and crew 👌masterfully installed our evolutionary coating on Randy and Karen's garage and now all that's left is to show it off! Thank you so much!🤝 #strongerthanepoxy #garage #concretecoatings #homeimprovement #dreamgarage #cappride #upgrade #concrete

Single Day Floor Coating Installs

Despite Penntek products requiring multiple coating and serious surface preparation, we are able to apply our coatings in just one day. That means we can completely transform your deck or patio, your garage, or your driveway, overnight, letting you get back to what matters, parking your car, working in your shop, or swimming in your back deck pool.

Call CAP Concrete Coatings today to transform your concrete surfaces in to a work of art!

Your Commercial and Residential Flooring Needs Will be Met by Our Seasoned Professionals

Additionally, if you’re a business owner, you realize that creating a safe and functional environment begins from the ground up. For the best choice in safety, style and function, our commercial floor coating systems are best choice in Kelso, WA.
Whether you want to update your home’s garage floor or design a safe and functional restroom floor for your business, we are here to serve you. Give us a call today and we will be happy to discuss your floor coating needs.

Here’s how we can help.

High Quality

CAP Concrete Coatings is proud to offer high quality concrete floor coating services.

Color Options

Choose from a variety of color options that match your indoor or outdoor décor.

One Day Install

We offer one day installed floors that can be walked on in 4-6 hours and return to full service in 24 hours!


Our chip flooring is resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and UV damage.