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Hospitality and Restaurant Floors

We have endless options to give you a restaurant floor that accentuates your needs.

Commercial Concrete Coatings

Hospitality and Restaurant Floors

Our concrete coatings are durable, attractive coatings specifically designed to enhance restaurant floors, hotel lobbies, and other high traffic volume hard floor surfaces. We carry some products which help improve traction on slippery surfaces, potentially decreasing accidental slips and falls. These products offer better protection for concrete flooring against damaging stains and beverage and grease spills. Make regular maintenance easier with our help.

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    Enjoy Well-Maintained Restaurant Kitchen Flooring

    Today, restaurants, fast food outlets, and other establishments with commercial kitchens need durable concrete floor coatings to put up with constant foot traffic and plate drops that happen every day. Flooring in successful hospitality businesses sustain frequent heavy use. Our customers appreciate the ability to better protect cement flooring in critical locations against a variety of common hazards:


    • Improve Surface Traction: Many coatings will enhance traction, making slips and falls less likely.
    • Enhance Wear Resistance: Coatings improve a concrete floor’s wear resistance properties, potentially helping maintain the floor’s useful lifespan.
    • Protect The Surface Against Stains: Penetrating stains sometimes damage concrete surfaces. Rely on protective coatings to safeguard and seal the concrete against the damaging impacts of spilled beverages or cooking oils.
    • Maintain The Floor’s Lovely Appearance: Protect the stylish appearance of hospitality industry flooring by using our products lines.

    Enjoy Well-Maintained Restaurant Kitchen Flooring

    Our firm offers customers some important advantages. Why do so many hospitality industry firms in Washington and Oregon seek our assistance? Consider four reasons to choose us:


    • Tough, Long-Lasting Products: The coatings we supply furnish customers with extended periods of use.
    • Turnkey Installation Assistance: Ask us to provide complete installation services.
    • Tailored Floor Coatings: We help customize cement floor coatings to help meet the specific needs of individual clients.
    • Rapid Service: Our company offers exceedingly fast, efficient service. In some cases, the installation process requires less than 24 hours to complete.

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    We welcome the opportunity to discuss our concrete floor coating services in detail. We help design outstanding customized solutions for businesses seeking this assistance. Whether a hospitality firm desires to enhance the appearance of a kitchen floor, or simply protect it better against stains, we offer a valuable resource.

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