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6S/5S Pathways

Safe and durable to walk on, in any weather.

Commercial Concrete Coatings

Walkways and Courtyards

Apartment complexes and condos are covered in paved spaces. Parking garages, access roads, roofs, all these spaces need some form of protection to help them last the decades the building plans to be in service. Of all the concrete surfaces of your complex though, the walkways and entrances are the most important to keep maintained. These concrete paths frame your building and are traversed by your tenants everyday. It is the first thing a prospective renter will see and interact with when they visit your establishment. These paths are also constantly walked on foot, so ensuring safety for anyone who happens to walk over them is of the utmost importance.


A sealcoat over these concrete paths and walkways is just the thing to add vibrance, longevity, and safety. A Penntek sealcoat applied by CAP Concrete Coatings is sure to wow anyone who walks down them. These multi-tonal surface coatings add bright new colors that won’t fade in the sun, as well as texture to help traverse the surface even on wet or icy days. This sealcoat can be applied to horizontal surfaces as well, allowing for stairs to be far safer than traditional concrete, and with a lifetime warranty, they will last much longer while looking incredible!
Sealcoating typically takes just one day to apply, and in that short time you will have a completely different walkway experience. If your building has a color scheme or logo that you would like incorporated into your walkway, that is an easy addition. Now the first thing a prospective renter will see is a beautiful walkway leading into a logo emblazoned entryway, all textured for ease to travel, and protected against the elements.

If this sounds like something you would like for your apartment or condo, give us a call today at 503-919-8088!